Dear friends,

I welcome you on our new website of our private medical centre Hippokrates. I established this centre in the year 1995. It was the first private medical centre in Slovakia which offered services of conventional medicine. It is the only private medical centre in Slovakia which has kept its original features until recent times. From its very beginning, Hippokrates has followed the philosophy and moral laws by 'the father of medicine' – Hippokrates, hence its name, that are the following: to do everything for a patient according to one’s best belief and conscience with the respect of contemporary knowledge and skills with the target to heal, improve the quality of life without causing any harm by a word or an act. Probably it is this Hippokrates’ attitude towards healing which gives our work an added value that has helped us to stay morally unharmed throughout the years of changes in the Slovak health system. The Hippokrates staff, my colleagues and friends who I feel justly proud of, love their job. There is professionally skilled and friendly team in Hippokrates, willing to help you with your problems- with concern and discretion. Everybody is warmly welcome in our centre.

We are looking forward to your visit.

Mudr. Karol Točík PhD, neurologist, founder and CEO of SZC Hippokrates, s.r.o.


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